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The wake-up call came at 6am and my roommate and I were up in no time. After doing the morning rituals, we grabbed a quick breakfast at fragrance Hotel’s cafeteria, went back to our room to get our bags and by 8am, we were already on our way to the Singapore Flyer. I had tried the Singapore Flyer twice before so I wasn’t really that excited but you know what they say: third time’s a charm. I was hoping it would hold true.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a sea of juvenile bliss. There was an educational tour going on and the young pupils were gathered at the entrance to the Flyer, being briefed by their teachers. Suddenly, I was reminded of my own childhood and how thrilled I was whenever we had a field trip. I felt ecstatic for the kids. It was nostalgic watching them in pairs as they trod, baby step after baby step, to the Flyer. There was just too much cuteness that time.

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The journey of Dreams
About the Singapore Flyer
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The journey of Dreams

When we got our tickets, we proceeded to the second floor and stepped into the journey of Dreams, a museum-like gallery showcasing (or narrating) the story of the Flyer via multimedia presentations. aside from the enlightening bits of information that I learned, I particularly liked the play of lights inside and how the whole “museum” was illuminated. It was indeed dream-like.

There was a short queue as we approached the capsules but it wasn’t long until we were called for our turn to hop into one of them cylinders.

About the Singapore Flyer

One of the most iconic and easily recognizable landmarks in Singapore, this gigantic ferris wheel offers passengers a wondrous 360-degree view of Singapore and neighboring islands. Standing 541 feet tall, the Singapore Flyer is said to be the biggest and the tallest observation wheel in the world, taller than the London Eye in England.

While onboard one of the capsules of the Singapore Flyer, you’ll be able to see countless famous Singapore landmarks including the Marina Bay Sands, the F1 Singapore Grand Prix venue, the Merlion Park, Clark Quay, the Marina Barrage, Sentosa, the yet-to-be-completed Botanical Gardens, and many, many, many others. If it’s your lucky day, you should also see nearby Malaysian and Indonesian islands. hope it’s a a clear day when you’re there. 😀

The Singapore Flyer has 28 capsules and has a capacity of up to 28 passengers. It takes around 37 minutes for this giant wheel to complete a rotation. Although you really see the movement on board,  it looks like it does not move at all from afar.

The best part, of course, was when it hit the very highest point.

After the ride, you’ll pass through the Singapore Flyer Gifts, a store where you may buy Flyer souvenirs. 🙂

The Singapore Flyer
Admission Fees: adult S$29.50, Child: S$20.65
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 8:30am – 10:30pm
Last Admission: 10:15pm

How to get to the Singapore Flyer

In case you will check out the Singapore Flyer via public transport, here’s how. I only know how to get here by taking the MRT. There are two ways to reach the Singapore Flyer via the MRT. You may choose to alight at Promenade station (Circle Line) or  City Hall station (North South Line).

If you alight at City Hall Station, cross the road to Coleman Street. look for a bus stop beside St. Andrew’s Cathedral. catch the shuttle bus. There’s one every half hour from 1oam to 11pm. The bus will take you straight to the Flyer.

If you alight at Promenade Station, take exit A and follow the pedestrian signs to Singapore Flyer. It’s a 5-10 minutes of leisurely walk.

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