Fountain of riches at Suntec City, Singapore: The World’s largest Fountain

“It’s the largest fountain in the world,” my good friend Mimi stated as she ushered us out of the building to an alfresco area that harbored a shallow man-made pond.

“Quella?” I asked while flashing a look that excellently expressed disbelief. “That bit fountain at the center of the pond? That’s the largest in the world?” As the words came out of my mouth, the ideal side of my brain was sarcastically taunting the left, Am I being Punk’d?

Obviously, I had seen fountains bigger than that one. great deals of them. That fountain that geysered in the middle of the pond in the middle of Suntec City was absolutely not the greatest in the world. It would not even make it in my classification of massive, not even big. Heck, not even medium.

“Not that, silly,” Mimi corrected. She then led my eyes to the diagonal pillars that prolong from the ground as much as a few stories high. A gigantic sound overhead linked them. She directed at it as well as stated as-a-matter-of-fact-ly, “That’s the fountain. The whole location is the fountain, actually.”

Oh. Bene. Sorprendente.

The location is called the Fountain of Wealth. provided as the largest fountain in the world by the Guiness book of Records in 1998, it is the centerpiece at Suntec City, one of the greatest as well as a lot of prominent buying shopping centers in Singapore. The fountain is located at the center of five office buildings, which represent fingers as well as the fountain the palm. According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes wealth.

This gigantic fountain pertains to life only at night. The sound overhead sprays jets of water around the smaller fountain, while lights paint colors in the towering cylindrical fluid wall that develops as a result. The thin pond is likewise dotted with pin lights that terminate beams of light that add to the already wonderful environment of the place.

Screenshot of Suntec City shopping center page on
In the daytime, the bigger fountain rests as well as the small stream of water at the center takes the spotlight. however checking out this smaller fountain isn’t the only thing that you can do here. There’s a narrow boardwalk that runs across the water to the fountain that visitors can take to do a short ritual for great Luck. Here’s exactly how to do it:

Steps for the great things from the Fountain

Yes, yes, I did it, too. Not that I believe in it. I just wished to experience it considering that I was already there.

The genuine concern right here is: Is the Fountain of riches worth visiting? Well, honestly, not for me. however if you’re going to Suntec City to do some shopping, then you may also decrease by particularly at night.

Update: According to, the Fountain of riches will be closed from September 1, 2012 to June 2013 for upgrade. You may get in touch with Suntec City’s client hotline to be sure.

How to get here: Take the MRT as well as alight at Esplanade or Promenade Station. just comply with the signs. You won’t get lost.

Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore
68252668 / 68252669

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